Tipsy Tuesday: Back it up!

Hey all!  Welcome to what I’m calling “Tipsy Tuesday.”  I’ll be posting tips on a variety of topics, painting, furniture, decor and whatever else comes to mind. 🙂

Random note: Back in college my friends and I used to call Tuesdays ‘tipsy’ for a different reason. We were a tad over worked with studying and lab projects.  Tuesdays were a day to let loose.  Don’t tell my ma. 😛

I originally planned on doing an actual post with painting tips, but yesterday I dropped my laptop.  The poor thing now randomly beeps and has a scrambled screen. 😦 Ugh!  Mistake #2: I usually back up my computer regularly but I didn’t do that in a couple of months.  I may have lost some of my files and pictures.  Bummer.  So my first tip: don’t drop your laptop and back up your computer!

An upside to this, I got to buy a new laptop!  Now to figure out how to use Windows 8 and hopefully find my files.

Until next time!



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