A tale of two paints

I recently worked on two commodes with totally different styles.  One, antique with fun wood carvings as accents. And the other, simple and basic style.  I knew I wanted to do two different looks.  The only thing I kept the same was that I refinished the tops in special walnut stain.

I’m not sure how I determine what colour each piece of furniture will be. I guess they kinda speak to me. Not to sound too hippy drippy, but its true!  The antique one was telling me, “Paint me seagreen!” And the other, “Paint me red!”  I was going to use two different colours… and two different types of milk paint.

I used seagreen from Old Fashioned milk paint.  I mixed it with water and painted away.  It got pretty chippy.  Real chippy, which scares me. But I let it be. After painting and a little distressing, I sealed with hemp oil.  The oil deepened the colour and brought out the detail.  Here’s the before and after…

wooden commode before @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Sea green commode @ Pivot~Paint~Create

The other commode I painted in General Finishes Tuscan Red. Its acrylic based and premixed.  So it was super easy.  Open can and paint.  No priming or sanding.  And the paint covers so awesomely!!  I think the colours and types of milk paint suited the pieces.  Here are the before/after pictures…

small hutch before @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Tuscan red hutch @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Which type of milk paint do I like more?  Actually…I can’t pick a favorite.  I guess it depends on the piece of furniture.  And of course…the furniture lets me know what they want to be painted. 😉

Until next time!


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