New look.

It’s officially spring!  Unfortunately around here, it looks like we’re still in the midst of winter.  We had a crazy week in Atlantic Canada, with two major snow storms.  It’s hard to picture having nice weather anytime soon!   Despite all that…I’m forcing myself to think and dream of Spring!   Words like bright, happy, fresh, new….help me get rid of the winter drab and boredom.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to change the look of this blog.  I don’t know if it’s sort of a spring-cleaning type of thing.  So in the spirit of Spring, I was inspired to go with a bright, new, fresh look.  Bare with me while I tweak things and play around with the new theme.  I’m hoping to add a few more posts on furniture I’ve done awhile back.  AND once I can get into my workshop, I will be finishing up some pieces!  So stay tuned, lots to come!

snow flowers

Photo from Metro News

Hope everyone enjoys the first day of Spring! 🙂



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