Hard to let go.

One of the hardest things for a furniture refinisher, is to sell the furniture.  I know, that’s a huge part of the whole process, to sell furniture and get money.  But after spending so much time and effort, its hard to let certain pieces go!  Every piece has a lot of thought go into it.  I scan kijiji and antique shops for just the right piece to work on, bring it to my work shop, then brainstorm the possibilities!  Transforming the furniture from the ugly duckling into the swan feeds my passion.  When I love the end product, I find it difficult to sell.  But I’m happy that whoever buys it, loves it as much as I do!

A while back I found a small cupboard on kijiji.  It looked pretty boring, but I loved the simple shape.  For some reason I love working on hutches and cupboards, so I was looking forward to working on this one.  I usually try to keep the wood top and restain instead of painting.  But the wood grain wasn’t nice enough to show off.  So I custom mixed a fun grassy green colour and distressed it after painting.  I painted the inside a light grey,  a new drawer pull and the cupboard looked great!  I wanted to keep it, but the logical side won out (“I have no room in my home for more furniture!”).  I hope the home it’s in now loves it! 😉


Wash basin before @ Pivot~Paint~Create

wash basin before  @ Pivot~Paint~Create


Lil green cupboard @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Lil green cupboard  @ Pivot~Paint~Create

 Lil green cupbaord @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Seeing the grassy green colour, reminds me that we may never see the grass again!  haha.

Another snow fall last night…oh to live in a hut on a beach.

Sigh. 😉

‘Til next time!


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