Mix & match.

Happy Monday!  Just a quick post, since I’m working on this when I should be asleep.  It is a work night after all.  But when an idea hits me, I gotta write it down!

A couple years ago I refinished some chairs for a client, for her dining area.  Originally, she purchased two bentwood chairs.  I had painted them white and recovered the seats in a bold suzani print.  The bentwood chairs looked great in white.  I wish I had more of them!

  After a couple weeks, my client contacted me asking if I had more chairs and more of the same fabric.  I didn’t have either…but I searched around kijiji and fabric.com.  I was able to find two chairs.  They weren’t bentwood but they had a feminine feel to them.  As for fabric, I lucked out and found a similar print in the same colours.  The two new chairs,  I painted white and recovered the seats.

 bentwood chairsFeminine dining chairs

The chairs may not match exactly, but keeping the paint and fabric colours the same, connects them.  I just loved the four chairs and wish I had been able to take a picture of them together.

Another lesson learned as a new blogger: take pictures of everything!

Thanks for stopping in!  Til next time!


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