Roadside rescue.

A few years ago, my friend Penny and I were driving through a small town and she spotted some roadside treasures!  Even though she was driving she could spot free furniture like nobody!   While giggling away, we stuffed the old dresser and a wooden frame in the back of her Mini Cooper.  I don’t know how we fit it all in, but I’m sure I had most of the contents of the back seat on my lap.

The before picture may not show much, other than peeling paint and ugly drawer liners.  But we could both see the potential.  Originally Penny was going to redo the dresser for her home, but she didn’t have room.  I inherited the little charmer.

Here’s the before, in all ‘er glory!

TV stand before @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Chippy and not so pretty

I knew right away what I wanted to do with the dresser.  Transform it into a tv stand.  I was desperate to replace the one we had at home.  We were using an old computer desk that wasn’t too pretty.  I wanted something I could hide all the tv cables, dvds and random stuff.   My plan was to replace the top drawer, make a shelf for the electrionics and keep the other drawers for storage. And make it pretty!

There were so many layers of peeling paint.  I had to do some major prepping.  First, I stripped it down using oven cleaner.  Yup, that’s right, oven cleaner!  Strippers are caustic type chemicals that eat away and break down paint.  Oven cleaner does the same for the greasy grime in your oven.  I had to do a few coats of ‘stripper’ to eat through the paint layers.  It worked ok.  Oven cleaner would be a good option if you couldn’t make it to a hardware store for the real stuff.

**Note: Always wear gloves, safety glasses and a mask when using strippers!

 And don’t wear good clothing, it can get pretty messy.**

tv stand stripped @ Pivot~Paint~Create

After the first round of stripping

Once I stripped and sanded the dresser, I started the fun part!  I used Behr paint and primer in one.  The coverage of that paint is so awesome.  Using a foam roller and brush, I painted the inside a grassy, green colour (Behr’s Mossy Green).  For the outside, I chose a gun-metal colour (Pencil Point).  I loved the colour combo.  So fresh!

I had a hard time choosing knobs for the dresser.  Until i came upon a blog that had used old water valve handles for coat hooks.  I loved the idea.  Especially since I work in water treatment.  A little nod to my other job. 🙂

tv stand @ Pivot~Paint~Create

First coat of paint

tv stand 8 knobs

Thinking outside the box for the knobs

Here’s the after!  I love the end result!  Gotta love roadside finds!

Tv Stand @ Pivot~Paint~Create

tv stand @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Have you had luck with roadside rescues?

Penny and I have had a few, including a few old windows which I still have to make into chalkboards.

Gotta love free stuff!

Thanks for stopping in!  ‘Til next time!


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