Around the table.

In the Cape Breton culture, like many other cultures, the family table is an essential part of a home.  Holiday dinners, kitchen parties, or a cup of tea with sweets, are enjoyed around the table.   When I go ‘home,’ I cherish the time spent around the table.  We have heart to heart chats, good laughs, work on word puzzles and enjoy a glass or two of wine.

My parents bought a maple dining table wayyyy back in 1978.  That was before their bundle of joy and creativity came to be. (Ahem, that’s me!).  😉  The table followed us into our many homes.  Many meals eaten, several years of homework, crafts and paintings were created at that table. And a few guitar strings strummed by my brother and cousin.  When I moved back to Halifax 11 years ago, the table moved with me.  It saw hours upon hours of college homework…and a few house parties. It took a quite a beating in those years!

Maple is a great wood to make good quality furniture with….BUT the colour, eek.  The reddish orange hue, not my liking.  I had to hold on to the table, since I couldn’t afford a new one nor could I ever part with the memories!  So of course, I had to do something with it!

It was so rewarding to refinish the table!  It’s one of my favourite projects I’ve worked on.  Lots of time spent, but worth it.   I sanded down the top to bare wood,  which was hard to do with all the divots and scratches.  Once sanded and cleaned, I applied wood conditioner on the top.  I then applied three coats of walnut wood stain and three coats of polyurethane, lightly sanding between coats.  For the base, I painted it in a creamy white (Swiss coffee by BM) and then lightly distressed the legs and apron.

Here’s the untidy, before picture!

(I had a few projects on the go at the same time.  A typical diy-er lifestyle!)

Dining table before @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Here’s a close up…lots of scratches and paint drips (oops!).

dining table  prep  @ Pivot~Paint~Create

I lightly sanded the legs before painting.

dining table legs prep  @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Beautiful bare wood!  I almost kept it as is and just applied polyurethane, but I went with a dark stain.

Lovely bare wood  @Pivot~Paint~Create

The products used:

Minwax wood conditioner, stain in Dark Walnut, and Minwax polyurethane (not pictured).

Supplies @Pivot~Paint~Create

One coat of wood conditioner….

applying wood conditioner  @Pivot~Paint~Create

First coat of stain looked a little blotchy even after the wood conditioner.

But after applying 2 more coats of stain, it looked much better.  Here’s the first coat…

First coat of  stain @Pivot~Paint~Create

After three coats of stain.

dining table  @Pivot~Paint~Create

Love how I dried my legs?

Sexy legs  @Pivot~Paint~Create

After applying the polyurethane.  Look at that beautiful sheen!

dining table  @Pivot~Paint~Create

Here she is all finished!

dining table @Pivot~Paint~Create

dining table @Pivot~Paint~Create

I also painted the chairs (Wedgewood Grey by BM).  It’s such a great grey-blue, I’ve used it on a few pieces of furniture.

The dark wood colour with the white base, makes me happy. 🙂

The table may be made in the ’70s, but at least now, it doesn’t look it!

Thanks for stopping in!

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