Real job vs Dream job

I meant to have done a couple posts this week….but things have tied me up a bit.  Long story short, I’ve been prepping for a possible work stoppage at my real job.  You see, I’m a municipal worker and proud union member…and unfortunately we may have a strike or lockout happening soon.

The emotions and fears of possibly being on the picket line has been a distraction the past couple of weeks.  Refinishing furniture may be my side business and hobby, but its also my dream job.  Its my dream job because I can feed my passion and let my creativity out.  It also allows me to relax.  So I hope to work out my aggression on some furniture this weekend.

I may not be posting as much lately…but I’m not going to stop working on furniture.   I think I would go through withdrawal if I don’t have a paint brush or staple gun in my hand.    I’ll be back soon with some furniture makeovers and details on a small project I’ve been working on!

In the meantime, here are a couple dressers that I’m soooo close to finishing.  I hope to get them done this weekend!

dressers before dresser becore

Thanks for stopping in!

Until next time,



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