Fixing up my workshop

For the past 3 years, I’ve rented an unfinished basement and used it as a workshop and storage space.  The rent was cheap, when both Penny and I were splitting the costs.  It worked out great!  We had an area to work on furniture, a spot for storing furniture and even for our winter tires!  BUT the worst part of it, it wasn’t pretty.  The past few months I was trying to brainstorm how to make it look better.  I really needed a spot to take photos of the finished pieces.

There was a cinder block wall that was multi-coloured…and ugly for picture backdrops.  The floor had random oil stains, painted areas and just boring.


I started by painting the cinder blocks white.  And then painted a faux rug on the floor to cover up the oily stains.  Now that everything looks cleaner and by using banners or lights, my furniture pictures will look more enticing!  Hopefully now my furniture posts on Kijiji will scream “Buy me! Take me home!!” 😉

painted wall

display area

My next project is to create a sanding area.  I hate how the dust can spread throughout my workshop.  I’d like to keep it more contained in one area and not have to sweep the whole joint after sanding.   First though, I should finally get some projects done that I’ve delayed.  Like start on the million chairs I have in stock.  There’s a lot to reupholster!  Eeek!

‘Til next time,



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