Snow White in Spring

During the 2 months on strike, as you may have noticed, I wasn’t able to blog much.  Thank goodness the strike is over!!   I’m loving the fact I can now work on furniture and not feel exhausted and stressed.  It’s great!  I have quite a few furniture finds and finished pieces to share.  Ill try to get some of them posted over the next week.

In June, I was able to finish one of the matching dressers to the navy night stand I did a few months ago.  The dresser was in great condition, I just had to replace a couple of the drawer slides.  I cleaned and lightly sanded the whole dresser.  I originally had planned on sanding down the top and re-staining it in dark walnut.  But I remembered I had some Polyshades in a dark stain, so I made things easier and used that.  Polyshades is easy to use, just apply and sand between coats.  But there is a key practice when using Polyshades or similar “stain and finish in one” products.  Do not shake!  The finish will have bubbles in it which is hard to sand out.  Just stir it up gently and make sure everything is mixed.  I put 4 coats of Polyshades on the top.  I painted the base with General Finishes Milk Paint in Snow White.  I have used GF milk paint before, but it was the first time using Snow White.  It’s more of a “wash” and applies in very thin coats.  I needed to do several coats (4 or 5) to achieve the look I wanted.

Here’s the before:

 dresser @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Here is the after!!

white dresser @ Pivot~Paint~Create

white dresser @ Pivot~Paint~Create
white dresser @ Pivot~Paint~Create

white dresser @ Pivot~Paint~Create

white dresser @ Pivot~Paint~Create

I love the look of the white and slight distressing around the edges.  I also sealed the base with a satin finish and lined the drawers with striped paper.  The dresser sold and found a nice home!

Thanks for stopping in!

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