Dining chair dilemma.

Since part of furniture refinishing is to find furniture to work on, I often stumble upon pieces that I love.  I buy them thinking I’d refinish and sell them.  But sometimes that’s not the case…I end up keeping them for myself!  Like this chair, the cute bench, and the small hutch.

Can you blame me though?

Chair @ Pivot~Paint~Create

small bench @Pivot~Paint~Create

commode @Pivot~Paint~Create

Obviously I have a problem!  So I wasn’t shocked when I bought a set of dining chairs, brought them to my workshop…and decided to keep them!

leather dining chair before @ Pivot~Paint~Create

They have great character.  Nice curvy spindles on the chair back and nice legs!   I could see their potential.  A coat of paint and new fabric seats.  Sigh.  I can’t wait to redo them…(for myself, hehe).

I plan to start refinishing them soon.  But I need to figure out what colour to paint them.  I’m planning on using a neutral, drop cloth like fabric for the seats.  My dining table has a dark walnut top and white base (I did this post about it awhile ago).

The big question: Should I paint the chairs black, light grey or dark grey?

I’m leaning towards black…but let me know what you think!

‘Til next time!



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