Finally, Eastlake Chairs are finished!

So it has been 4 months since I posted these two Eastlake chairs were ‘in progress.’

eastlake chairs @Pivot~Paint~Create

 Obviously I got a little side-tracked.  I blame it on the two month labour disruption and trying to catch up on sleep.

The sad thing is, I knew what I wanted to do with the chairs but I just didn’t get around to starting.  I love reupholstering chairs and benches but tearing off the old fabric just made me avoid starting.  And for good reason!  The chairs may have looked clean, but the fabric was old and brittle.  A million orange fibers floated in the air after I stripped the chairs.  And for some reason, the chair backs had the thin plasticy foam in between the fabric layers. The kind you’d use for wrapping glassware.  It was and odd upholstery material…

Chair redo

Strange eh?

Finally, the chairs are ready for the fun part, painting!!

Chair redo

For those of you who are screaming “Why are you painting these?!!!”  The wood may look nice in the pictures, but they’re scratched and have dents in the frame.  I wanted the chairs to have a nice finish so I filled in the dents and sanded down the scratches.

When I bought the Fusion paint for my coffee table, I also bought pints of Casement and Colour Block.  I painted the chairs first with Colour Block, to make sure the final colour had nice coverage.  I painted them 3 coats of Casement, which is a beautiful pure white.  Perfect update for the chairs.

Here are the painted chairs.  In retrospect I should have done two coats of Colour Block before painting with Casement.  In order to get the white without the wood showing through, I had to paint a few coats of Casement.

Chair redo

As for fabric I chose the one below along with a neutral fabric for the chair front, both from  And I used gimp trim to hide all the staples.  As usual I burnt myself with the glue gun.  A regular event and tradition when I use the hot glue gun. Ugh!

p kaufmann toscana tile crimson

Half way there….

chair redo

I attempted to add a tufting accent on the chair from.  It was fun to do, but I still need to perfect it.  Maybe next time on an ottoman.   Here are my supplies….wine is essential.

 chair redochair redo

Here’s the after!!  I think it turned out well.  The reason I didn’t use the patterned fabric on the chair front, is so it wasn’t too ‘busy’ looking.  I think with the neutral fabric tones down the red/pattern.  I hope someone will like them!  And the chairs will find a new home. 🙂

chair redo

chair redo chair redo Til next time!



One thought on “Finally, Eastlake Chairs are finished!

  1. Really, really beautiful. You are so good at this…amazing. You must be so proud of yourself! I LOVE my chair, everyone loves my chair.

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