Choosing colours & Painted furniture.

The past couple of years, my goal is to have my favourite things in my home.   I don’t want to have furniture or decor that I hate looking at.  Since (as I’ve been told) I have OCD…ugly furniture and decor drives me nuts.  I’m constantly tweaking things, changing paint colours, art pieces, slip covers, pillows etc.  We all do that don’t we?  Totally.

I want my home to be a cozy place with a nice mix of wood and painted pieces.   I like the eclectic look, but things must have some connection to each other.  (Guess that’s where my OCD comes out?).  Most of my painted furniture are some tone of white, black or grey.  Calming colours, classic and neutral.  When choosing paint colours for my home, I go for neutral on furniture and add pops of colour through my decor pieces.  Like art, pillows, books etc.    I’ve learned it’s easier to switch out accessories than to paint furniture again!  I’ve done that a couple times…not fun! 😉

My dining chairs were one of the last items on my plate.  I’ve switched dining chairs a few times, various chair styles and all different shades of blue. I wanted a more cohesive look, so the blue chairs had to go!

I have had these lovely antique chairs in storage for a couple of years.  I knew I wanted to use them for my dining room, but I had to decide what colour to paint them.  White, grey or black?!

Dining chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

I finally went with black.  Since my dining table base was white, I wanted a nice contrast.  I used Lamp Black milk paint by General Finishes.  Love that paint and the colour.   After stripping the seats and prepping the chairs for painting, they looked better.   Funny how a little paint and getting rid of faux leather fabric can improve the look of the chair!

Dining chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

After 3 coats of paint, two coats of satin Varathane, I recovered the chairs in a natural fabric and trimmed with gimp.

Here they are!  I love how they turned out.

Dining chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Dining chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Dining chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Dining chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Dining chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Til next time!



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