My new bff, Bar Keepers Friend

This summer I purchased a couple of retro chairs at a yard sale.  I bought the two for $10.  Not bad!  At first I was going to buy spray paint to freshen up the chrome frames.  BUT then I saw this post and she had used Bar Keepers Friend instead of spray painting. The results were surprising and beautiful.  I dislike spray painting and wanted to try the cleaner instead.  I found a bottle of the liquid cleaner (comes in powder form too) at my neighbourhood Canadian Tire…for less than $3.

Bar Keepers Friend

I haven’t tried it on the chairs yet, but I tested it on some old rusty knobs. The one on the left was cleaned by Bar Keepers Friend. Big difference eh?


The knobs turned out so well, I used it on a chair I just picked up from a client. I haven’t reupholstered the seats yet but I cleaned up the frame. It had quite a few rust spots.  Here’s the before…



Here, you can see on the right I have already cleaned. Looks like new!!


Here’s the chair frame, before and after.  The chair is clean and shiny again!

image  image

I LOVE this stuff.  Bar Keepers Friend is now my friend.  My bestie.  I can think of so many things I can use it on.  My new-to-me bike, the retro chairs, old knobs, and so much more.  I would definitely recommend this product. No harsh smell.  So easy to use. I just used a green scrubby sponge and wiped it down with paper towel.  It really gives a beautiful result!

Anyway…I’ll eventually get to the two retro chairs.  But first….what can I clean??….



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