And another table done!

A few weeks ago, I posted about a bunch of side tables I had finished.  Like I mentioned in the post, I had quite a few chairs AND tables in stock.  I’m still taking a break from chairs….so, this is another post about tables!  Yay! 😉

The coffee table I picked up from my favourite ‘dealer’.  She lives close to me and has quite a few items on Kijiji.  I swear, once I get a larger vehicle, I’m probably going to have a shopping spree at her house.

After using French Linen ASCP on the console table, I had to use the colour again.  The coffee table had potential, with its nice curvy legs and a faux drawer.  The drawer pull needed to be removed and updated.  I had the perfect knob in mind that would go well with French Linen.  After painting and a little antiquing, I sealed it with dark and clear wax.

Here’s the before and after!

Probably everyone had similar pieces of furniture growing up in the ’80’s.  The look is very dated…but has so much potential!!


Here’s the after, sweet in warm grey and a new cute knob.





Love how the table turned out.  Looks much more 2015 and less 1980.  I’d love to find more of this type of furniture.  They’re sturdy and just need a little paint to make it new again!

Thanks for stopping by!



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