Painting with Fusion Mineral Paint

A couple of weeks ago, I finished two side tables that needed a big pick me up.  The tables were bought by my friend about 20 years ago.  The finish was the typical reddish brown from the 90’s. Back then most store-bought furniture was that colour.   Great tables, love the shape, but just they just needed an update.

I chose to use Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash.  It’s such a beautiful colour. I’ve used Ash on a few pieces, including my coffee table. I love when a colour gives a piece of furniture new life and a classic look.  Ash does just that!

As for prep work on the two tables…nil, nada, zilch. Love no prep. I just painted away.  The tables looked great after just one coat. It’s amazing the coverage Fusion Mineral paint gives. I did two coats of Ash and a couple coats of satin Varathane finish. Beautiful and classic.

Here’s the before and after….



Paint always makes the details shine.  The curves of the pedestal leg is shown off and adds interest to the table.   A simple redo.  Love it!

I have a few more projects underway.  I had a big Sanding Fest last week and finally sanded down 4 pieces of furniture I’ve been wanting to refinish.  So stay tuned for future posts of a dining table, an antique commode, a dresser and a coffee table!

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