Refinished coffee table

I am so lucky to have friends who give me furniture!  I’ve received some treasures and am forever grateful for the freebies.  When a friend gave me these round tables, she also gave a beautiful coffee table.   Queen Anne style table legs and solid wood. Lots of potential.  I was excited to work on it!


The table before was a reddish brown stain.  I couldn’t wait to get the top sanded down and restain it.  Especially after I started to sand and saw the wood grain.   The old finish hid the beauty beneath.



Here’s the top with the first coat of stain.   I used Provincial by Minwax.   The same stain on my antique commode and the dining table I recently worked on.  It’s fun to see the difference between each piece, all made of different wood.  With the commode, the stained wood took a warm red brown and with the other pieces, it was a slightly yellow brown.


The base colour was a hard decision.   I didn’t want to paint it white or black….and that’s as far as I planned.   I went back and forth between possibilities: French linen,Boxwood, a teal or a custom colour.   Finally I chose Fusion mineral paint Renfrew Blue. Its a beautiful teal.


After some light distressing with a wet sponge, I applied clear  wax, buffing with a soft cloth.


The teal with the stained top is a great combo.  They boost each other’s confidence and make the table just beautiful!

I think my goal this week will be to finish up the little projects I’ve put off for awhile.  Mirrors, chalkboards and half finished chairs.  Fun!

Laurena 🙂


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