My love of green 

Today is one of my favourite days of the year.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love to enjoy a good drink, listen to music and have fun. St Paddy’s day was made for people like me! 

It’s also a day to celebrate for other reasons. A close friend’s birthday is today and it was always fun celebrating with her in university.  A few years ago, I had invited my brother to a St Paddy’s day party and he hit it off with a friend who is now my sister in law!!!   Ten years ago, I met my guy at a party and I also found out I got my dream job.   So needless to say,  I love St Paddy’s day!  

I also love the colour green.  Here’s a few pieces of furniture I’ve redone. 

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 



One thought on “My love of green 

  1. thank you for showing your green pieces. they’re a breath of spring, so to speak, amid the usual sea of white/greige. green is also my fave color family. –suz in ohi

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