Sad to FAB, table refresh.

One of my followers from my Facebook page contacted me to see if I wanted to buy a table. For $20. Ummm, yes please!! It was a fun and unique piece. It had chippy yellow paint and messy stained top. But such a fun shape. So much potential.

I loved the shape of it. Those legs! I couldn’t wait to transform it. But, the table sat in my workshop for awhile. I didn’t know what colour to go with. After a couple of months, I finally decided to use special walnut stain on the top and Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint for the base.

I love how it turned out. It took awhile to sell but it found a happy home. Thankfully… ’cause it was going to be mine!

Side note, I ordered a light kit to help me with my furniture pictures. Since my workshop and staging area are in an unfinished basement, good lighting is lacking. Here’s a couple pics to show how the light kit improves photos. The first photo, taken without the light kit, the wood top doesn’t shine. Everything is yellowed. With the light kit, the wood looks so much better, the colour is on par and the photo is much better.

I got mine from Amazon and it was worth the $45!

Back soon with some quick before and afters!

Laurena 😉


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