Fun and flirty footstools.

Back for a quickie. 😉

It’s been a busy few months. I’ve finished a few custom projects and worked on pieces I’ve had in stock for a long time.  I had lost a little mojo after being so busy with custom pieces. I thought a fun project would get me back in the groove.

I walked into Home Depot and saw some wooden crates for $10. My mind went crazy with ideas. I settled on making a couple of footstools. Since I had some casters, lots of fabric and wood scraps, it’d be a cheap project. I made a removable, cushion top and stained and painted the crates. They turned out perfectly cute! I made a couple, then sold a couple…then a few more for friends. Now I’m up to 10. Lol! It was a great project to do, fun to make and it got me excited to tackle the other projects.

Back to the paint brush!

Laurena 😉