A room to dream of.

This past week I was asked to put together a mood board of my dream living room. Once I finished reading the email I, of course, panicked.   How can I narrow down so many options; sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and accessories into just one living room??!  The task would be difficult.  I find it hard to pinpoint my design style.  I love so many aspects of design.  Classic lines. Industrial mix of wood and metal.  Antique furniture with detailed legs.  Relaxed beachy decor.  And of course anything that Joanna Gaines puts together.  So maybe I can name my style…Eclectic farmhouse, East Coast chic?

The first thing I had to do before I started the post was to call a friend.  I needed my partner in design to help me!  I love any excuse to chat with my friend Penny.  And this task would be perfect for us to work on together.

Penny has always been fashion forward and on trend.  I love seeing what she comes up with when designing rooms.  We have similar tastes in furniture but we may have different design ideas.  While I need a little push to be bold, Penny isn’t afraid to test out new designs and styles. We make a good team that way.

Like many people, we spend long hours at work and a living room is a perfect place to unwind with a glass of vino.   Any room in your home should be a relaxing setting and filled with pieces you LOVE!

Since we had so many ideas for the living room, we thought we’d put together two mood boards.  It was too difficult to settle on one concept once we started brainstorming.

The two rooms would have the same wall treatments.  Crisp white.  Simple mouldings, like board and batten, that add texture and interest.   Here are a couple wall treatments we loved.



We took a look at Arhaus and perused the many sectional sofas.  Oh my!  So many to love!  Both of us quickly chose and swooned over this tufted beauty.  We decided to use this sofa as the one constant in the two rooms.  The piece had a beautiful style and shape.  We wanted to show how one furniture piece could be used in different design styles.

Dream Living Room #1: East Coast Beach House

Calming colours, weathered textures and beach side elements are perfect for a beach house space.  Blues, greys and whites.  Weathered wood mixed with more refined pieces, like the tufted sofa, keeps the room from becoming too laid back.

There was something about the high-back chair, we had to have it in the room.  We loved the deconstructed back and weathered leather.

Of course no living room is complete without a bar.  A bar cart is a versatile piece, as it can be used for wine storage or as a side table.  Art is another must-have in any room.  For the Beach house, paintings of seascapes by local artists were perfect accents.

EC beach house

Elements for “East Coast Beach house”

Dream Living Room #2: Urban Eclectic

The two matching wing chairs are the perfect pop of color in a very unexpected way.
We love the idea of injecting new life into the classic lines of a wing chair.  Using the bold blue fabric is a great example of how to change something old and dated into something fabulous!  Re-imagining furniture can transform your room, often with pieces you may already have in your house. We are obvious fans of DIYing!!
Furniture pieces with curvy lines and antique styles, like the black credenza and the white desk, add great interest and lots of storage options.  Fun patterns, animal prints and colorful art add perfect touches to a room.  The glass coffee table, bar cart and table lamp allows light to move throughout the space and keeps the room from looking too cramped and stuffy.

urban eclectic

Elements for “Urban Eclectic”

We love both rooms so much!  So many fun elements.  Imagining and designing the dream rooms was way too much fun.

We hope these two rooms inspires you to make your own living room a space to love and dream of.

Laurena & Penny

PS:  if you want to create your own mood board on your own room or anything at all, I used http://www.canva.com. So fun and easy to use!