Just a few…

Here are a few projects that I have worked on over the past year.  I’ve refinished lots and lots of tables, a few chairs and more to come!

First off, I kept this one.  Simple redo with Casement Fusion Mineral Paint and just sanded the top, kept it as is.  Beautiful!

side table 1



Side table refreshed with Heirloom Fusion Mineral Paint and Dark walnut stain.

side table 3


End table refreshed with Mountain Haze Fat Paint and ebony stain.

side table 2


Coffee table refreshed with Natural Grey Behr paint.

2017-07-19 12.38.51


Coffee table refreshed with Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint.



Old school side table refreshed and painted with Paris Grey ASCP and Heirlook interior.




End table painted with French Linen ASCP and white wax on top. Love this look!




End table painted with Paris Grey.


2018-03-29 15.36.59

Half moon side table painted with a grey mix with Ash & Casement Fusion Mineral Paint.

demi moon table 1

demi moon table 2

ikea grey 1

ikea grey 2

Coffee table painted with a grey custom mix, and white wax on the top.

2017-06-12 15.37.36



Coffee table turned bench, painted with Casement and a striped fabric.

2015-10-17 19.41.34



Coffee table, refreshed with Little Lamb Fusion Mineral Paint.





Side tables, refreshed

I was MIA on the blog for a few months, so I figured I will do a couple more posts.

A friend of mine who I’ve known since junior high school, contacted me to redo a couple of side tables. Of course I said yes, it’s a good excuse to catch up. We hadn’t seen each other in almost 10 years (when we were in junior high… Lol, I wish!). She gave me free rein when choosing colours and what to do with the tables.

Here are the two tables, before and after! I used my favourite colours, little lamb and Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint. Love the grey and the colour combo.

Can’t wait for her to see them in person next week!

Laurena 😉

Bye bye bunny

In the fall, I worked on 3 pieces for a client.  Two side tables and a pine chest.

One end table would be painted Paris Grey, the other Paloma, both ASCP.  Originally she wanted the table tops to be refinished and stained but the wood  was not great for refinishing.  The tables had great character and would look beautiful painted and updated.  I just simply painted the tables and sealed with Varathane with a satin finish.  And replaced the knobs.

The pine chest looked like it would be an easy redo….but those darn bunnies threw me off!  I sanded down the top and got rid of the tole painted bunny.  There was a clear outline left underneath.  I was skeptical and nervous that stain wouldn’t cover it up.

I used wood conditioner and let it soak for a over 15 minutes.  Then applied two coats of Provincial stain, allowing the first coat to soak in for 15 minutes at least.  My client didn’t want the top to be stained too dark, so the second coat i only left on for less than 10 minutes.  Luckily, after just one coat of stain, the bunny was barely there!  Now after staining and varathane, it’s totally transformed.  The base of the chest was painted in French Linen ASCP.  Love that colour.  Especially with a stained wood top.  Beautiful!

I love all of the finished pieces.   What a difference a little paint makes. Hoping to post more projects I’ve worked on so far this winter.   So stayed tuned in the next couple of days! 

And another table done!

A few weeks ago, I posted about a bunch of side tables I had finished.  Like I mentioned in the post, I had quite a few chairs AND tables in stock.  I’m still taking a break from chairs….so, this is another post about tables!  Yay! 😉

The coffee table I picked up from my favourite ‘dealer’.  She lives close to me and has quite a few items on Kijiji.  I swear, once I get a larger vehicle, I’m probably going to have a shopping spree at her house.

After using French Linen ASCP on the console table, I had to use the colour again.  The coffee table had potential, with its nice curvy legs and a faux drawer.  The drawer pull needed to be removed and updated.  I had the perfect knob in mind that would go well with French Linen.  After painting and a little antiquing, I sealed it with dark and clear wax.

Here’s the before and after!

Probably everyone had similar pieces of furniture growing up in the ’80’s.  The look is very dated…but has so much potential!!


Here’s the after, sweet in warm grey and a new cute knob.





Love how the table turned out.  Looks much more 2015 and less 1980.  I’d love to find more of this type of furniture.  They’re sturdy and just need a little paint to make it new again!

Thanks for stopping by!


Side tables galore.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve collected furniture that I plan on refinishing and sell.  Or sometimes keep ;).  I have quite a few chairs and side tables in stock.  Recently, I had finished a few chairs and dressers.  Both are time consuming jobs.  I needed a break and moved on to some easy projects, the many side tables.  In a couple of weeks, I finished two matching tables, a small side table, a Moroccan style table, and an oval console table.  All purchased for less than $100!  Love that.

My friend gave me these two matching side tables.  They were great tables!  Except they needed a little wood filler where a dog decided to have a snack.  You can see the bottom shelf had a few spots to fill.   The shape of the tables were great, clean and simple.  I loved using Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash on my coffee table and wanted to use the colour again.  The tables were perfect for Ash. Here’s the before…

 Side tables before

….and after!two grey tables after @Pivot~Paint~Create

During the summer I scored a few items from a guy on Kijiji.  One was this bench.  I also picked up this small table.  It was cute and only needed a little bit of work.  It was scratched up and missing pieces of veneer.  A coat of paint would make it new again.  I filled the gaps with wood filler and painted the table in Paris Grey ASCP.  A couple coats of Varathane satin finish and she was done!

 small table before

small table in Paris Grey @Pivot~Paint~Create

I picked up this table a long time ago…and delayed working on it for some reason.  I had a plan.  Paint it teal, distress it and it’d be cute!  Finally I got my paint brush going and painted it in Renfrew Blue Fusion Mineral paint.  There were so many nooks and crannies in this table.  I think that’s why I was slow to work on it!  Tedious to paint but the details are my favorite parts of the table.  I distressed the edges to accentuate their shape.  I love how this one turned out.  Here’s the before, cute but the features weren’t highlighted.

moroccan table

And the after….

moroccan table after @Pivot~Paint~Create moroccan table after @Pivot~Paint~Create moroccan table after @Pivot~Paint~Create

I saved my favourite redo for last…

I bought this console table this summer.  I loved the legs and shape of the table.  It is much bigger than it appears.  It was a struggle to get it in my Toyota Corolla.  Luckily the lovely lady who sold it to me, was patient and helped me get it in my car.

Sidenote: I cannot wait for the day I have a hatchback car.  I dream of all the furniture I can stuff into it.  Desks, large chairs and dressers, oh my!

Ahem, back to the table. I sanded the top down, stained it Dark Walnut and painted the base French Linen ASCP.  I love this colour.  A beautiful neutral, warm grey.  It looks great with the dark top.  Here’s the before and after!!

console table before console table before console table beforeconsole table in French linen console table in French linen console table in French linen console table in French linen

Isn’t that colour gorgeous!?  I love how the wood top turned out.  I had my doubts when looking at the old finish.  But the grain of the wood is beautiful.  Can’t wait to do this colour combo again, it’s one of my favourites.

I have a couple more tables on the go…and then I’ll be working on another dresser.  I’m loving the roll I’m on for getting furniture done!  Hopefully the painting bug continues as I have lots in stock!

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