French chair

French chair @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Oval console table

oval console table bna logo

Balloon-back chair

Balloon back chair @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Small storage bench

Small storage bench@ Pivot~Paint~Create

Paris grey dresser

paris grey dresser bna

A tale of two dressers (#1 & #2)

pine dressers bna

Captain’s chair

Captains chair @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Turquoise cupboard

(Featured on Better After)

Commode @ Pivot~Paint~Create

  Duncan Phyfe dining chairs

Duncan Phyfe Chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Duncan Phyfe Chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Duncan Phyfe Chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Duncan Phyfe Chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Lil’ green ottoman

Lil' green ottoman @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Jewelry stand

Jewelry stand @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Lamp Black coffee table

Maple coffee table @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Striped bench

striped white bench bna

Lamp Black side table

Maple side table @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Antique dresser

Oak dresser @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Bentwood chairs

Bentwood chairs @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Lil’ green cupboard

Lil' green cupboard @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Sassy grey desk

Desk @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Curvy grey side tables

Grey side tables @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Union Jack coffee table

Union jack coffee table @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Auto shop front desk

Front desk @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Floral bench 

floral bench bna logo

Chic sofa table

Sofa table @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Half-moon table

Half moon table @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Cream cane chair

Cream chair @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Emerald green desk

Green desk @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Sea green commode

Sea green commode @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Tuscan red hutch

Small red hutch @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Coastal blue nightstand

Navy night stand @ Pivot~Paint~Create

One table, 3 makeovers

1 Table 3 ways @ Pivot~Paint~Create

1 table 3 ways @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Classic bench

Bench redo @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Dresser to tv stand

TV stand @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Small rocker

Small rocker @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Small green table

Small green table @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Beachy bench

Small beachy bench @ Pivot~Paint~Create

Mint deacon’s bench

Deacon Bench bna logo

Greek key desk chair

Desk chair @ Pivot~Paint~Create


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